We love hearing from our clients and are very proud of how often we get great notes like these!  Of course some come via e-mail which we’ve pasted in below but we’re excited to share the notes we’ve gotten over the years.  Scroll down to view photos and click on any note to view it larger.

Subject: Re: Event on 3/3/12
 Just wanted to let you know that everything went great Saturday, we only
had half the players we had hoped for but we still made over $1600 for the
team. The staff was fantastic, attentive, humors and pleasant to work
with. I am hopeful with folks seeing how successful it was, this will
become an annual event. I also know that several folks requested business
cards from your staff, probably best indicator of performance is folks
seeing this as something they want to do. Thanks again for your
assistance, talk to you next year, Go Dodgers “Play Everyday Like a
~ Scott R

I’m sorry that we didn’t connect after the event Saturday night. Thank you so much for making our event so fun! I have heard only positive feedback and it is very obvious that you and your staff truly enjoy what you do. I’m sure we will talking in the future.
~ Kimberly K

Subject: THANK YOU!…Your Feedback…..Our Casino Party! 🙂
Hello Jack!
We are all recovered from the big event and now trying to look back and evaluate in order to make suggestions for next year! We thank you so much for your involvement and your willingness to be flexible with our last minute changes as we oversold. The overwhelming response for the evening was that people LOVED having the casino back!!!! So, I’m sure that will be something we continue to include and of course call on you again!

Jack, you and your staff are wonderful to work with! My friends said they were so patient with them, teaching them to play the games….they had such fun!
Thank you so much!!

Some of the great notes we get…..(names and some details have been whited out)


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